Chocolate Cakes for Weddings and Celebrations

Chocolate Cakes for Weddings and Celebrations

51J4P23KAiL. SL160  Chocolate Cakes for Weddings and Celebrations
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This beautiful book features a stunning selection of chocolate celebration cakes to suit any special occasion-from birthdays to balls, weddings to anniversaries, Christmas to christenings. This unique book features over 20 spectacular chocolate cakes from the simple one-tier to the more extravagant five-tier creations and amazing chocolate table centerpieces. Chocolate Cakes for Weddings and Celebrations includes practical information on selecting from the range of dark, milk, and white chocolates, working with chocolate, and storing chocolate cakes.

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Irish Countryhouse Cooking

Irish Countryhouse Cooking

51NSgA0ohlL. SL160  Irish Countryhouse Cooking This superb collection of recipes from Ireland's famous country houses represents Irish food and its very best. Recipes attributed to contributors. 222 pages

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Skinny Seafood

Skinny Seafood: Over 100 delectable low-fat recipes for preparing nature's underwater bounty

51HcEbX2MRL. SL160  Skinny Seafood
Seafood eating is healthy eating. But preparing exciting and delicious fish and shellfish can be a challenge. Skinny Seafood meets the challenge with 100 new recipes that are as inventive as they are easy to make. Banish bland, ho-hum fish forever, and start enjoying the bounty of the sea for great taste as well as good health.

Skinny Seafood's recipes make it easy to prepare seafood. Most dishes require little cooking time, and fish is surprisingly economical when purchased fresh. All of the recipes employ simple preparation techniques to control fat, calories, and cholesterol. Likewise, the scores of creative sauces and accompaniments rely on herbs, spices, an fresh natural ingredients for flavor rather than fat-laden oils and butter.

Fish was never like this:

Trout with Mango and Blueberry Sauce
Salsa Red Snapper
Crabmeat Fu Yong
Sole and Shrimp with Tequila
Down East Grilled Lobster
Canadian Chowder
Microwave Perch with Honeydew Salsa
Teriyaki Bass
Mahimahi with Mint
Tuna Veracruz
Scallop Burritos
Magyar Fish Stew
Finnan Haddie
Smoke Whitefish
Grouper with Bananas
Cajun Catfish
Mongolian Seafood Hot Pot
Shrimp Pizza
Margarita Swordfish
Door County Fish Boil, and more!

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Fat To Skinny

FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy! Revised and Expanded with Over 200 Recipes: Eat Great, Lose Weight, and Lower Blood Sugar Without Exercise

51fLXbVm3LL. SL160  Fat To Skinny
Doug Varrieur's popular book has expanded…so everyone can get skinnier.

In the original Fat To Skinny Fast and Easy!, Varrieur distilled the “science” behind low-carb eating and laid out an amazingly simple system for eliminating the chief offender in weight gain: sugar. Now, in response to requests from his loyal followers, Varrieur has created an updated edition that combines his successful strategies for lifetime fitness with more than 100 yummy new, low-carb, sugar-free recipes. That makes it even easier to melt away the fat fast while still eating delicious, favorite dishes…and to keep it off for good. For added ease, each recipe has a carb count--and the book comes with an inspirational, motivational CD, too.

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Betty Crocker Whole Grains

Betty Crocker Whole Grains

51t1jUwU7OL. SL160  Betty Crocker Whole Grains
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Delicious ways to add healthy whole grains to your family's daily diet

If you're looking for an easy way to feel better every day, this is the book for you. Study after study proves that one of the simplest ways to improve your family's health and wellbeing is by switching to a diet rich in whole grains like wheat, barley, wild rice, and oats.

Here you'll find whole grain recipes for every meal of the day and snacks in between—from healthy breakfasts to delectable desserts. Plus, the book includes glossary and identification information, nutritional information and guidelines, and more than 50 full-page photos that offer tasty inspiration.

  • Includes more than 150 great-tasting, good-for-you recipes that are packed with healthy whole grains
  • Features a special section of 10 delicious quinoa recipes like Breakfast Quinoa and Quinoa Pilaf
  • Offers three chapters devoted to fast cooking—slow cooker meals and sides, on-the-go snacks, and dinners in 30 minutes or less

If you're looking for a delicious ways to improve you and your family's diet, Betty Crocker Whole Grains is the perfect cookbook for you.

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